Plus Program

Enjoy "Eternally" Clean Windows

Do you want to enjoy the benefit of freshly cleaned windows year round?

Our PLUS Program enrolls you in Quarterly Window Cleaning, WITH a rain guarantee at EVERY CLEANING, as long as you are enrolled.


Our rain guarantee gives you peace of mind when it comes time to schedule each quarterly cleaning. First floor windows affected by the rain are quickly addressed, when our crew returns within 1-3 business days to clean those affected windows.

How It Works:

If rain comes within 4 days after your window cleaning appointment, give us a call and our crew will come back to clean affected 1st floor windows, at no additional cost!

Do let us know if we need to come back, we’re happy to!

*You must request the repeat cleaning within 4 business days of service in order to use the rain guarantee.

How It Benefits You:

Our quarterly cleanings include both Interior/Exterior and Exterior Only, you can mix and match these cleanings however you choose!

We recommend at least the first appointment include Interior/Exterior window cleaning; from there you can choose the scope of remaining services in whatever way works best for you.


of a “Plus” membership Quarterly Cleaning Schedule:

1st Cleaning


2nd Cleaning

Exterior Only

3rd Cleaning


4th Cleaning

Exterior Only

Also included with the Plus Program:

Free track cleaning 1X per year!

Man cleaning exterior home window

Benefits of the “Plus” Program:

I love having my windows cleaned. I have not had a single issue since I've been using Window Cleaning Plus for over a year now. They are quick, thorough, and easy to schedule!
Deborah W.

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