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Property Management window Cleaning
When it comes to your business and the buildings you manage, you take pride in your work and want nothing but the best. We understand that, and agree completely.
Window Cleaning Plus Inc holds the standard you require, and nothing less.

We are skilled in window cleaning and only use the best tools of our trade.
We look forward to working with you, and are available for any questions that you may have.
Please feel free to send a free quote request, or give us a call today.

What Are the Benefits of Routine Window Cleaning in the OKC Metro area?

You get a clean window, sure—but did you know that you stand to gain much more than just that? When you seek routine, professional window cleaning in Oklahoma City Metro, you can benefit from much more.
- A gorgeous, professional looking building. Clean, clear windows can say a lot about your buildings. In a market as competitive as ours, every edge is vital, and having weaknesses—even a smudgy exterior—is a big minus.

- A better showing of your space to potential tenants. Clean, bright windows will help convince those tenants that your space is the perfect fit for them.

- Protection for your windows and glass. Professional cleaning services help to remove hard water, acidity, and dirt and grime that can wear out and reduce the quality of your windows, helping to protect them and keep them looking their best for a long time to come

- Early warnings and prevention. Windows are a thing that most people look at (or through), but very few people really look at, if you know what we mean. As professionals, it’s our job to keep an eye on the details, meaning if we spot an issue or potentially troublesome problem with your windows, we can let you know.

- Safe, efficient, and effective solutions. Professionals are equipped with experience, extensive training, and top-quality tools. That means we can perform your cleaning service quickly, effectively, in-depth, and with no risk to you or your employees or tenants.

What Types of Properties Do We Service?

- Shopping Centers
- Chain Stores
- Office Complexes
- Industrial Parks
- Condos
- Airports
- Auto Dealerships
- Financial Centers
- Colleges and Universities
- Educational Facilities
- Entertainment Centers
- Country Clubs
- Fitness Centers
- Government Buildings
- Places of Worship
- Restaurants

We offer flexible window cleaning contracts for property managers throughout the Oklahoma City area that include:

- Monthly
- Bi-Monthly
- Quarterly
- Semi-Annually
- Annual
We also offer "emergency" & "on call" scheduling with our window cleaning contracts.

Why you want to choose Window Cleaning Plus Inc

- The owner is always available for your questions and/or concerns
- We give a clear quote for the work to be performed, and stick to our word
- Your project is done in a timely manner, we don't dawdle!
- We won't stop working until you are completely satisfied with our work

We are honored to have had the opportunity to grow our company and provide quality commercial window cleaning services to many different types of business properties throughout the Oklahoma City area.

Our Service Area includes:

Oklahoma City ✦ Edmond ✦ Midwest City ✦ Del City ✦ Yukon ✦ Moore ✦ Norman ✦ Purcell ✦ Mustang ✦ Warr Acres ✦ Bethany ✦ Piedmont ✦ Choctaw ✦ Shawnee ✦ And everywhere in between.
Please feel free to send a free quote request, or give us a call today.

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